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Your mission is not just to survive, but to face yourself, your past and prepare for “a world full of darkness and monsters”.

Darkverse: Rogue is an FPS Sci-Fi roguelite game with rich retro visuals and challenging combat. It combines the feeling of old school action-adventure games, like System Shock and Half-Life, with innovative mechanics and unique aesthetic.

The game is planned to be released on pc and consoles

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Under development

Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries! A hardcore 2D platformer that will mess with your mind and test your skills. Enter a Temple full of devious traps and of course, lots of treasure!

Plan ahead your every move and outsmart the traps that are lurking in the temple or get dissected in hilarious ways!

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Space arcade shoot ’em up action game, Free to Play, Android & iOS
Tamasenco & Pixel Reign

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About us

We are an indie game dev studio, located in Athens, Greece, with more than a decade of professional experience in video game development.

Some of the successful titles that we’ve worked on in the past include Darkfall Online, Homefront, Shiftlings, Goo Saga and then we decided to create something of our own. Pixel Reign is our shared vision, a studio dedicated not just to developing games, but to explore new ideas and create game worlds for everyone.

Since 2018, we have released two titles, been featured in Unite Berlin as a case study for quality games developed by small studios, received international recognition and built an important network of partners.

Our Team

Nick Larin

Project Lead & Developer, Founder of Pixel Reign

Vicky Fysika

Music composer & Sound Designer, Founder of Pixel Reign

Vangelis Velegrakis

Level Designer & Environment Artist

Paul Gounaris

3D Artist & Graphic Designer

Marios Bitsikokos

QA tester & Community Manager


Pixel Reign IKE
Address: 9 Tzortz, 10682, Athens, Greece
General Registry Num.: 147842401000